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Garden Style Apartments

If your community is comprised of multi-unit apartments with immediate outdoor access, we have the solution to meet your trash needs and provide a secondary income stream.


Each resident will be provided a 13-gallon trash bin to house their garbage. Our porters will pick up the trash on the designated days/times and transport them to the dumpster/compactor.

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Mid to High Rise Apartments

If your community’s method of garbage disposal utilizes chutes and compactors in enclosed areas, we can ensure those areas remain tidy and chutes don’t back up creating issues compacting.


Regularly scheduled visits to patrol the trash rooms and dispose of items left by residents will ensure cleanliness and free up time for your staff! Boxes will be broken down to assist with recycling.

Bulky Items/Trash-Outs

If you have trash left behind by move outs, a construction project, or items too bulky to compact, we will haul it away! If it fits in our 16ft trailer with 6 ft. walls, we can do it.


We can schedule regular pickups each month for hassle-free clearing of your property or make individual hauls as needed.

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